I shot this in Cape Town years ago and as it gets colder here in Melbourne I start thinking about this little place more and more. Somewhere between Camps bay and Llundudno.

16 Responses to Lusty

  1. Lary says:

    Cool shot! Flashlight or Photoshop?

  2. thescott says:

    sweet photie! must be at one of those gravel parking lots off the side of the road… joburg's just not the same 🙁

  3. gosu says:

    larry – yip i fired the flash to get some of the foreground to pop

    thanks for the comments.

  4. /d says:

    eish bro. Theres a def diff between the ct shots and those shot over their pellie. In colour and vibe like. Interesting that!

  5. Heiko says:

    wow this is very easy on the eyes. lovely tones. perfect use of flash – doesn't look like you used one.

  6. Ren says:

    Great shot. Your photos have an airy stillness to them that I find really appealing, and I appreciate your sense of geometry and balance.

  7. Jason says:

    love it! one of my favorite shots you've posted.

  8. Ian says:

    I like the composition here.. and the colour leading off to the left is stunning.

  9. Otto K. says:

    Terrific colors. Wonderful

  10. Omar says:

    Truly nice shot

  11. Kevin Gorzny says:

    Cool and odd contrast – beat up sign and serene sunset – 'like it. Nice use of flash fill.

  12. gosu says:

    Stock photography – this was shot with the 18-55mm kit lens… if i remember correctly.

    … and thanks for the comments everyone

  13. Christian says:

    wow…such a small world I have been there!

  14. Mohamadreza says:

    WOW, colors are so rich, well done.

  15. petitlouis says:

    Gorgeous coloured, great job !

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  • Aperture: ƒ/4
  • Camera: Canon EOS 300D DIGITAL
  • Taken: 3 September, 2004
  • Flash fired: yes
  • Focal length: 18mm
  • ISO: 100
  • Shutter speed: 1/200s