Holga CFN
Fujifilm Pro 160S
Around 60s

7 Responses to Couple

  1. heiko says:

    this is my favourite shot. the vignetting is ace. the textures are so interesting and the streak of light makes you wonder what lies behind.

  2. drew says:

    beautiful shot! im new to lomo too! and your films are inspiring!

  3. memetic says:

    Sweet sweet image.

  4. Really love the toning and lomo effect – very playful and graphic image !

  5. Craig Parker says:

    There's no mistaking that Holga look…love the richness of colour and toning here. 😉

  6. i really enjoy train photography, nicely done with the holga

  7. pm says:

    i like this atmosphere…
    colors are amazing

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